The Fastest Route from point to point is a Straight Line...

     ...and the second fastest is a Chimera shipping convoy. Our Logistics and Analytic Unit explores the stars               so that you don't have to. We map out the fastest routes possible for our convoys to take, and make sure that they get there safely.

    Delivery convoys range in size from a handful of small delivery ships to a cluster of Starfarer tankers. No matter the size of the job, Chimera convoys can deliver your goods faster and safer than the competition.

    When you see our badge touch down on your landing pad to pick up your goods, you know the job is already done. The chimera may be a beast from myth, but Chimera's service is legendary.


The Most Trusted Name in Shipping

     Trust defines a relationship, whether it's with your lover or your company. Do you want a derelict Freelancer to turn up at your dock, piloted by a merchant as likely to "lose" some of your cargo as to deliver it to your client? Go with a name with a century of trusted relationships behind it; ask Aegis, Origin, or Behring: Chimera is the most reliable shipping provider in the 'Verse.

     Whether you want to move industrial waste to Magnus, luxury goods within the Terra system, or entertain a VIP by taking them to the Ellis system for the Murray Cup, Chimera Transport has your needs covered. We have a transport armada sized for every task and security need; from the humble Aurora CL to the hulking MISC Hull C to the luxurious 890 Jump, Chimera has the tools to ensure your valued cargo gets where it needs to go safely and swiftly.