100 Years of Stellar Service


     Originally conceived by Thomas "Magnum, P.I." Selleck back in the year 1988, Chimera Assets and Security Holdings was a mere glimmer in the love-and-drug-hazed eyes of an over-popularized sex symbol and TV icon. But beyond the sets, the endless adulation, and the pretty faces, Selleck was dissatisfied. He dreamed of a world of star ships and alien planets, not so unlike those of the science fiction writers of his time; a time of intergalactic trade and enterprise – and all the dangers that such plans brought. The so-called ‘perils’ of his contemporary time grew weary on the mind of Selleck. With the dawning age being relegated to the realms of the digital and the electronic vanguard, it was not an age suited for his avant garde dreams. Jaded by the tropes and social norms of the end of the 20th century and further disenfranchised by emerging 'world-unifying' technologies like 'the internet,' Selleck decided to have himself frozen cryogenically in the year 1992. His body would remain on ice, and his estate overseen by the Falcon lineage of accountants and investors, for the next several centuries. However, the facility containing Selleck's body was buried in a mudslide in California in 2507, and all efforts to find the ruins were fruitless. Loyal to their patron, the Falcon lineage continued their task of overseeing his estate even as the centuries rolled by. By a turn of fate, in the early 2800s, while hiking in the mountains of California on the recommendation of a guidebook, a freelancer came across the ruins of the old facility. Bedazzled by his archaeological discovery, the young explorer unfroze the historic champion and was promptly written out of the history books with an unceremonious boot to the face.

     Having been reborn into the 29th century, the charismatic, handsome, and fantastically wealthy Selleck easily attracted attention and capital to his now-plausible venture. He emptied his bloated stocks and converted them into the raw resources needed to fund his galactic dreams. But if his experiences in Hawaii had taught him anything, it was that every venture was fraught with peril. With a moon-sized pile of credits at his disposal, he could easily have acquired the services of any corporate juggernaut, but Selleck didn’t trust anyone to do it right – so he did it himself.

     In 2845, Magnum, P.I. established Chimera Assets & Security Holdings, exactly 900 years after his birth. A time traveler by rights, he had an aggressive perspective on business that many of his competitors, complacent from their luxurious 29th century upbringings, lacked. He knew space was going to be as unforgiving and dangerous, if not more so, than the slums of the 1980s. CASH, as it was known in the industry, focused primarily on the service that many other booming industrialists and space-born entrepreneurs would need: the safe, reliable transport of goods.

     Ships and other raw materials were essential to new space travelers and companies. Just because someone had an idea didn’t mean they had the resources necessary to make it come true. Enabling other like-minded dreamers, CASH Trading enabled new ventures access to top-of-the-line ships with which to begin their own journeys. At a slightly lower than industry-average cutoff, CASH Trading was quickly making its mark on the galaxy, with 17 facilities in 9 systems by 2880. CASH Trading represents regular interests by numerous clients, including the larger ship manufacturers and are known for their resiliency, consistency, and style. Independent contractors and spacefarers, drawn to the lucrative business model, would often join the ranks as entry or even capital-class shipping vessels. In 2883, CASH Trading moved over 4.5m kilograms of antimatter, worth an incalculable amount to the new ship manufacturing industry.

     The second arm, CASH Security, was founded alongside its third arm, CASH Intelligence, in 2881. After a catastrophic pirate attack that left a trade convoy in tatters, coordinated by the PMCs hired to protect the convoy, CASH posted its first major annual loss in decades. The loss drove Selleck to a new level of distrust of those around him, and he founded the Intelligence and Security Divisions shortly thereafter. CASH Intelligence represents the pinnacle of information gathering and logistics; the Division meticulously records and analyzes every trade and every deep space encounter, greatly demystifying the frontier of the universe and charting new trade routes every quarter. Working alongside CASH Security, the two Divisions beat back the plunderers and other ne'er-do-wells of the 'verse to ensure that shipping remains safe, and that law prevails over disorder.

    With the three Divisions now working together, the aging Selleck has since stepped back and handed off control of the company to its Board of Directors. With the transfer of control, a new age dawns for CASH as they are, for the first time, without the guiding hand of their founder at the tiller. However, Selleck put his trust and faith in his new leaders, and they intend to see his legacy expanded to even greater levels.



Tom Selleck and Chimera have shown that the old ways aren’t dead; and that a simple handshake and cigar do more for a business relationship than any number of lucrative deals ever could. I mean, who could say no to that mustache!
— Vasily Olikov III, Chairman, Olikov Foundation

Award-Winning Performance Year After Year

  • Maersk Foundation Award for Shipping Excellence (2846, 2865, 2888)
  • Terran Entrepreneur Association - Best New Company (2846)
  • Terran Trade Coalition Medal - Best in Class (2872)
  • New York Merchant's Guild - Medal of Recognition (2912)
  • Aegis Dynamics Certificate of Recognition (2933)
  • Origin Jumpworks Certificate of Recognition (2933)
  • Roberts Space Industries Certificate of Recognition (2933)
  • Honorary Membership to Banu Merchant Guild