A Chimera Security Hornet chases down a Vanduul Raider, [REDACTED], 2944

A shot, silent, in the void...

You'll never hear them coming. Just the view of a missed shot flashing in front of your cockpit, or worse, the sound of alarms as a shot strikes true. Every trader fears the moment where their vessel comes under attack, but with Chimera Security escorts at your back, the enemy doesn't stand a chance.




The Tools to Deliver

Chimera Security Division will bring the best civilian-legal combat ships to your job. From the formidable Anvil Aerospace F7C-M to the Aegis Dynamics Idris-M, Chimera's arsenal reflects the discerning eye of a panel of former UEE Naval Officers and Cadre that supervise our combat procurement.

CASH Armor.jpg

Defining Professional

A ship is only as good as the pilot who flies it. Chimera hires only the best UEE Navy combat veterans, and their reputation, loyalty, and dedication is unimpeachable. If you want the best in security personnel to protect your life and livelihood, Chimera's pilots will never let you down.


Maximum Flexibility

Whether you need a single Hornet to watch your back while you cruise the 'Verse or multiple combat wings of fighters and bombers to cover your trade convoy, Chimera has flexible plans for every customer. Choose from one of our pre-built packages or hand-pick your own bodyguard unit.