Snake Intelligence Badge

"The more you know...G.I. JOOOOOE"

  As Chimera rapidly expanded under the direction of Selleck, it became increasingly evident that a dedicated division would be required to facilitate the technical issues presented with such a successful endeavour. Performing specialised, dedicated functions, to secure the expansion and development within the organisation, the Intelligence division is responsible for all fundamental logistical operations within the organisation. 


The Magellan Group :  With steadfast dedication to their mantra of "scientia sit potentia", the Magellan Group are responsible for exploration with Chimera, both scientific, and universal. Equipped with the most advanced technology for scouting the stars and developing technological advances, The Magellan Group has become synonymous with the greatest minds and bravest frontiersmen the verse has to offer. After their in house developments of ship upgrades dedicated to increasing cargo capacity and speed, It is rumoured that even the giants of Aegis and Origin Jumpworks have outsourced research to the group. 

The Paladin Group: PALADIN Group is about saving lives, any life, at any cost. PALADIN serves Chimera's triage needs in the field as mobile hospital and a flying fortress. Deployed only in dire cases and all-out war, PALADIN group has consistently raised the survival rate of Chimera operators in the field to 93% with over 75% original limb recovery. PALADIN consists of three hospital Endeavor class for central operations, complemented by 9 Cutlass Red and one retrofitted 890 Jump for long range, high mobility deployment. << To be edited by Najas >>

1st Salvage Squadron "The Crocs": Renowned for their 98% success rate in reclamation and acquisition operations, The Croc's are affectionately named after the earth creature which kills its prey with a vicious death grip. Responsible for the pursuit and salvage of high value wreckage, there are very few that would contest the ownership of a wreck, with the Crocs involved. Those in "the business" will always be mindful of the 2901 Aranos Station incident, where 2 squadrons of the Crocs dismantled an entire decommissioned Mining station in the record time of only 18 hours, all without a single escort. Although no official reports exist, it is rumoured that the Crocs were responsible for the destruction of 23 ships during that time. The reason no official reports were established, is that all wreckage including those ships were taken when they left.

2nd Recon & Spec Ops Division "The Wraiths": When tasked with clandestine operations, CASH looks to the Wraith squadron. This elite squadron was designed specifically by Tom Selleck with inspiration from Magnum's SEAL experience. Intended to engage in small team operations in harsh environments the wraiths will get in, and get out without you knowing they were ever there. Clients who are assigned this team often never see the work they do, but are far better off for having paid the premium for their services. Their most heroic acts will never be praised, as the millions saved go about their lives ignorant of the sacrifices of these few brave pilots.