Bull Transport Badge
Lion Security Badge
Snake Intelligence Badge


The Bull

    Chimera's Transport Division focuses on maximizing speed and cargo while minimizing time in transit. Employees are trained in how to calculate the fastest routes and tune their ships to decrease their travel time, and are handsomely rewarded for beating par times for existing runs. Transport pilots are encouraged to take contracts in their spare time and practice their skills. Any transport pilot will know the 'verse like the back of their hand. Being a part of the Transport Division is to be a part of the very foundation of Chimera's success.



The Lion

     Chimera's Security Division works in tandem with the Transport Division to guarantee products are delivered intact and in a timely fashion. Security teams train and fly together, and a sense of individualism is encouraged by the company to spark healthy competition between flight teams. Flight wings need to be flexible to meet all mission demands, so crews that are able to shift between light fighters and larger ships will be well rewarded. To fly in the Security Division is to serve as the shield that shelters the whole organization.



The Serpent

     Intelligence Division handles exploration and other exotic tasks. Pilots who value individualism are encouraged to join Intelligence, as Intelligence operatives can work solo or with teams, with orders pertaining more to a strategic plan and less the minutiae of how to handle the task. Intelligence Division handles mining operations, salvage operations, and more, and pilots looking to experience the freelancer life on the frontier of space with the safety net of major resources behind them will find a welcome home in Intelligence.